Episode 1 Whistlingly Fighting Spinning Top
Vagrant spinner Jin arrived at Free Wheel Town for the spinning top contest, which is held every two years. Just before he entered the town, he got held up by Eli " his partners. After a fierce fight, Eli found Jin´s skills admirable, & expressed their hope he would help them get back their spinning credits which has been robbed by the local bully Chester. After receiving the challenge from Jin, Chester assigned his assistant Dawn to deal with it. & that was when he got to know Jin´s real strength, & thus tried to persuade Jin to join him, but Jin said no. So he decided to defeat Jim himself. It was quite dangerous for Jin at the beginning. But he turned the table around later by changing his spinning top from offense to endurance, & defeat Chester at last. But inspired by Jin´s Whisker & his strong spirit power, Dawn expressed his challenge to Jin!

Episode 2 Flaming Spirit Power
Dawn invited Jin to use the spirit power to fight with him, but got turned down immediately. Jin once lost control of the spirit power & thus had promised his teacher that he would never use it again except in a real fight. But Dawn didn´t just give up. He used the spirit power from his Furious to set the court on fire. To protect everyone, Jin had no choice but take his challenge. So the two called out their spirits—Furious & Whisker. After a fierce fight, Whisker beat Furious with a strong typhoon. & now Dawn is sure that Jin is meant to be his partner, & drew the attention of the spinning Queen Cecilia.

Episode 3 Strikingly Aggressive Attacks
Jin & Dawn were having pizza in a shop recommended by ELI. There they met spinner, Farrah & Engle who worked there. They have a rule that people can have free pizza in the shop on condition that they can beat Farrah & Engle. Dawn was not pleased with it as it was not what they had said on the ads, but he agreed to take the challenge. Just at that time, Davis came into the shop & declared that he would take the spinning tops of them. So a fight began between Furious, Whisker & Aspis. As Aspis is a defense spinning top, Whisker, after switching to endurance mode, still failed to undertake the strong attack from Aspis with Furious. Both of them got hurt. Davis tried to attack them again when Cecilia arrived. She not only stopped him, but also invited the two to take part in the spinning contest.

Episode 4 The Combination of Tornado & Flame
In order to get their broken spinning tops fixed before the spinning contest, Dawn & Jin turned to Gant, the master of fixing spinning tops. But Gant not only refused to do so, but drove them away. Dawn left upset, but Jin wouldn´t give up. Instead, he touched Gant with his own action. He made it to stay with Gant, & also got to know his relationship with spinning top under Gant´s instructions. Gant promised to fix his spinning top on condition that Jin could beat him. Jin assembled his Whisker & Dawn´s Furious, & defeated Gant at last. So Gant fixed their spinning tops & told them their spirits were injured as well, & they have to get help from Ham, a spirit healer in the western desert, to heal the spirits.

Episode 5 A Trip to The Hot Desert
Jin & Dawn began their journey to the desert to look for Ham. The two of them got attacked by a huge fat cat. Fortunately, Hamshowed up & saved them in time, but refused to heal their spirits. In the desperately hot desert, Jin fell in a faint because he gave his water to Dawn. During his faint, Jin got to know the tough things Dawn had been through. Hamwas finally touched by their friendship, so he told Dawn that he would heal their spirits if he can beat him. Dawn´s Furious got badly broken in the fight, but he tried his best. & during that fight, he got to realize his connection with the spinning top spirit. That made the spirit broke through its limits & defeated Hamin the end. As he had promised, Hamhealed their spirits.

Episode 6 Special Training for Controlling The Spirits
Having their spirits healed, Jin & Dawn headed back to Free Wheel Town. On their way back, they met Chester‘s new partner— Fay. Fay is also called Poison Young because she not only has a whip just like a poisonous snake in her h&, but also attacks wickedly & mercilessly & often ruins rivals´ spinning tops. She defeated Furious with her Scourge, & threatened Jin by tying it to the tree. Jin, who wasn´t interested in getting involved in the revenge game at the beginning, couldn´t bear it to watch Furious destroyed by Fay, so he joined in the fight without hesitation. In this long last fight, Jin recalled his gr&pa´s words & beat Fay with the help of amazing spirit power. Jin jumped into the water to pick up Fay´s spinning top. Fay showed nothing on her face, but she got touched by Jin´s action in her heart.

Episode 7 The Exciting Spinning Contest
The spinning contest finally comes to the town. Spinners who have gained eight thous& of credits get the chance to take part in this contest. They are Jin, Dawn, Farrah, Chester, Engle, Fay, Gant, Ham, Dione, Maunten Baby, Hearn & Floy. The contest consists of Zone A, B & C. winners of each zone will come to the finals. & the winner of the finals will have a fight with Davis, the strongest defense in the world. & as long as he could manage to defeat Davis, he will have a chance to play with the unbeatable Queen Cecilia. & if he could beat Cecilia, he will be rewarded with the holy fighter spinning top, Dashing Fist. In Zone A, Jin won the first game against Gant in the first round. & meanwhile, in Zone B, Floy beat Chester in no time & got into next round.

Episode 8 The Enormous Black Hole
In zone A, Fay is competing with Hearn in the second game of the first round. Hearn was born a optimist, & takes having fun with the game much more than the result of it. But Fay despises that very much, & makes continual hard attacks. But Hearn makes it to avoid them & takes the lead of the game from the very beginning to the end, & finally wins the game. In Zone B, Maunten Baby is fighting with Gant in the second game. Maunten Baby used to be a member of a circus, where he got bullied a lot because he is short & small. Later, he builds up a huge body with the help of the dark power. The Star beats Gant in a mean way with the dark power, which earns him a chance to the next round.

Episode 9 Tender Blazing
ELI got bullied by Maunten Baby when she was buying a drink. Dawn happens to pass by them but he doesn´t help. Farrah was very angry about this & made up his mind to beat Dawn in the game. In zone c, Dione is fighting Engle in the first game of the first round. Dione declares to rid Engle of his laziness, & succeeds in making him play his best. In the end, Dione wins the game well and get to the next round. And in the second game, Farrah is fighting Dawn, both of whom use offense spinning tops. They have a really fierce game, and later Furious wipes out the Raging Flame with the blazing sword, and gets Dawn a ticket to the second round. Farrah realizes Dawn´s good will of educating the younger fellows, and that he shouldn´t try too hard to protect Eli but let them learn to grow from setbacks.

Episode 10 The Bond Between Fighting Spinning Tops
In Zone A, Jin and Hearn were fighting in the second round. Before the fight, Jin came across Hearn at the lively streets of Free Wheel Town. Hearn treated Jin and ELI with steak, and the three became friends. In the spinning contest, Jin and Hearn, with their love for spinning tops, made the best of their spinning tops, and had a great game. Not only the spinning tops, but also the spirits enjoyed the game very much. In the end, Hearn nearly lost the game. To the amazement of the audience, the two spirits had a handshake in respect at that very moment. That made it the end of the game, and Jin was the one who gets to represent Zone A in the finals.

Episode 11 The Outbreak of The Sun´s Power
In the meanwhile, the second round got started in the other two zones. In Zone B, Dawn was fighting against Dione, which is another tough fight of offense. In the fight, Dione took the lead of the game with the spirit power. But Dawn played his real strength, and overcame Dione´s spirit power and thus won the game. That is to say, Dawn will represent Zone B in the finals. In Zone C, Maunten Baby competed against Floy. In a mean way, Maunten Baby launched the spinning top first and took up the best spot. But Floy´s Jester attacked right from above and ruined Maunten Baby´s plan. In the end, Jester´s secret spirit power break the dark spirit power inside Maunten Baby, and put him back to reality. As a result, Floy will represent Zone C in the finals.

Episode 12 The Fight Among Top Three
There are three spinners standing out from the others, they are Jin of Balance style, Dawn of offense and Floy of defense. The game to decide who will be the one to challenge Davis finally came. Dawn wanted to attack first and quickly, but regretted to be beaten by Ferris´s Wheels. And it also kept Whisker under control, but Whisker accidentally switched from offense to endurance. And at that moment, Jin took the chance and had a sweep attack with the top, which earned him the victory over Floy. So Jin got the chance to challenge Davis. Now comes the fight between Jin and Davis…

Episode 13 The Fight over The Just´s Spinning Top
The fight between Jin and Davis was about to start. In fact, Davis hated the spinning tower, because the fight gods on the tower ruined his home and robbed him of his families´ life. He hoped to get the awards of the contest—the spinning top of the Just, Dashing Fist, and challenge the gods for revenge. But as for Jin, the reason for this fight is very simple, that is, to make more friends through it. They finally came to the game with different purposes. At this time, a dark spinner broke into the court and took away Dashing Fist. Worse still, the court was destroyed and it got into a mess and chaos. Cecilia and other spinners were busy dealing with the dark spinner and evacuated the audience out of the court. Some Hermits and Magician in disguise also joined in the rescue.

Episode 14 The Protection of Dashing Fist
The dark spinner who used the dark spirit made great damages with that spirit power, leaving the whole court in horror. The audiences were running in all directions. Meeting with such a powerful dark spinner, Jin and other spinners were about to fail. At that very moment, it was the Just Dashing Fist that helped them out. Jin used Dashing Fist attack circle to assemble Whisker and made it to defeat the dark spinner. But the dark spinners got away with other parts of Dashing Fist when Jin got exhausted.

Episode 15 The Fight Against The Dark Force (One)
Cecilia got a challenge letter from the dark spinners, which called everybody to a place named Stiba. In order to take back the parts of the Just spinning top Dashing Fist´s, Jin, Dawn and Davis came to Stiba, but got separated by dark spinners as planned. Jin and Dawn met Dark Tornado with a Whisker and Dark Sunset with a Golden Flame. They had assembled their spinning tops with the parts of other spinning tops and bettered their spinning tops. Since they had been well prepared, and taken the challenge. So they finally beat Dark Tornado and Dark Sunset and won back the parts of Dashing Fist. On the other hand, the separated Davis had a fight with Dark Land, the master of a dark Aspis.

Episode 16 The Fight Against The Dark Force (Two)
The fight between Davis and Dark Land was going on. Although Dark Land used some mean moves, Davis´ Aprise is much better equipped with Cyan Spout´s parts. He was just about to win when another dark spinner broke into the fight. After Davis knew that she was from theHurricane Tower, he got really excited and attacked hard. At last, he beat the dark Aprise, and happened to see the face of the dark spinner. But the dark spinner continued to attack Davis and got him hurt. And when Jin and Dawn arrived, they declared themselves gods from the tower, the Wheel of Fortune.

Episode 17 The Waking of The Just
Jin and Dawn worked together to fight the Wheel of Fortune who had very strong spirit power, but failed every time. After a fierce fight, Dawn couldn´t do it any more. In order to save friends, Jin assembled some parts of the spinning tops of Davis´ and Dawn´s, and had another try with the Wheel of Fortune, but, still, failed. A picture of the Just´s Dashing Fist showed up on Jin´s equipment cabinet when the Wheel of Fortune was to give Jin the last attack. It gave out a mysterious spirit power, and saved Jin out. The picture called on the other parts of Dashing Fist and put them back together into a complete Dashing Fist. With the help of Dashing Fist, Jin finally beat the Wheel of Fortune. Abbott, an old man who has raised Jin, had notice something wrong, and had come to meet Cecilia in Free Wheel Town.

Episode 18 The story of the Just Spinning Top
Jin, Dawn and Davis made it to take back the Just spinning top Dashing Fist. And then, Abbott, the old man who raised Jin, came to Cecilia and told her the secret of the Just´s Dashing Fist and the story of Jin and Cecilia. Thirteen years ago, Abbott and Cecilia´s father Arthas traveled around the world to look for treasures. And their destination was theHurricane Tower which had come from the heaven. But when they arrived there, the Free Wheel Town at the foot of the tower had been drown in fire. The Just tried to stop the World´s wicked plan of destroying the earth by taking baby Cecilia out of the tower, without which the plan would be in vain. But they got chased by the Sun. Abbott and Arthas saved him during his escape.

Episode 19 Dropping in The Vortex of Fate
The Sun went back to theHurricane Tower to reply to The World, only to be told that he didn´t need to bring The Just back, instead, he should put him to death. So the Sun set out again to hunt for The Just. The Just sensed a weak spirit power, and later he found a very weak baby in the ruins. He injected his own spirit power into the baby and saved its life. The Sun found The Just and they got into a very fierce fight. The Just protected the Free Wheel Town with his own life, leaving the babies and Dashing Fist to WH and Arthas. To find out what theHurricane Tower comes for and make sure of their real identities, Cecilia and Davis decided to leave for theHurricane Tower. They also invited Jin and Dawn to join them.

Episode 20 The Precious Friendship
Before going into the tower, Dawn and Jin came to the Pizza house to celebrate the return of Dashing Fist. They returned everyone´s spinning top, and went over the times they got to know each other and became friends and the happy memories of the fierce spinning contest. Everyone had a good time except Eli was very upset about the fact that Jin and Dawn were to go into theHurricane Tower. Jin and Dawn tried to leave while everyone was asleep, but everyone had known about their plan from Eli, they gave the two their own spinning tops so that they can assembles spinning tops of different functions. And Gant even gave out his launching accessories that he had developed himself. With everyone´s blessing, Jin, Dawn and Cecilia met Davis, and set out for theHurricane Tower.

Episode 21 The Challenge in The Hurricane Tower
With friends´ blessing, Jin, Dawn, Cecilia and Davis came to theHurricane Tower. Everyone tried different ways into the tower, but all failed. At last, Jin´s Dashing Fist emit signals and call out the stairs outside the tower. Walking along the stairs, they met with the first guard, The Hermit. Four spinners had a big fight with him. But unfortunately, The Hermit´s spirit split into six, so no matter how hard they attacked, it wouldn´t work. Worse still, after a hard fight, four spinners failed, while the Hermit was still well and sound. Later, Jin and his assembled Whisker found the real spirit of The Hermit. That´s when they got to see the real Boomerang!

Episode 22 The Sectet of The Ring of Dashing Fist
Jin used Whisker which had been reassembled with Dashing Fist to found out the real Boomerang. And that was the beginning of the war between Jin and The Hermit. Under the hard attack from the Hermit, the attacking circle of Dashing Fist was broken into two pieces. Jin started to get desperate, but Cecilia found the attacking circle was not broken, and that it can be reassembled. So he defeated The Hermit with the offensive Dashing Fist. The Hermit had never expected to be beaten by a fighting spinning top assembled by human. He was so amazed that he gave the four spinner some new launching accessories to help them pass next guard.

Episode 23 A Miracle of Assembling
What was waiting for the four spinners was the Magician, who likes penguins and magician instant noodles. His space is like a playground. In order to stop them moving forward, he turned them into four penguins. But the four didn´t give up. Instead they worked together to launch the assembled spinning top, and fight with the Magician. They beat the Magician with great team work and the help of Whisker and the launching accessories from the Hermit. The Magician got deeply touched by them, and took it as a miracle. He gave them his medal and his beloved magician instant noodles, hoping they would create next miracle.

Episode 24 Judgment, The Pacificator of the Universe
The next rival waiting for Jin, Dawn, Davis and Cecilia is the Judgment. He is in charge of the judgment and sentence in the universe. It was he who sentence The Just guilty. Dawn, Davis, and Cecilia couldn´t stand the attack from Judgment and fell. In the end, Jin assembled Whisker and Dashing Fist, called out the spirit power and finally beat Judgment. That earned him the ticket to next stage, while Dawn, Davis and Cecilia had to stay with Judgment until they beat him. Meanwhile, the World had got Death prepare for Jin´s arrival.

Episode 25 The Sickle of Death
Jin reached the space of Death alone. Death is brother of The Just. He didn´t understand why his brother had to be sentence to death when The Just was declared a betrayer, but still, he had to give him the execution and had been very painful ever since. After The Just´s death, Death was isolated by other fighting gods, and thus got pretty cruel. Seeing Jin holding his brother´s Dashing Fist, he got so upset that he attacked Jin mercilessly without saying anything. Jin tried his best to resist, but Death´s attack was still too strong for him. In the meantime, in order to pass Judgment´s space, Dawn, Davis and Cecilia challenged Judgment and pushed their way to the space of Death.

Episode 26 Competition with Light
Dawn, Davis and Cecilia finally made their way to the space of Death to meet Jin. At that time, Jin and Death had begun their second fight. Faced with Death´s cruel and speedy attack, Jin and his friends fight hard with their assembled spinning tops and launching accessories from the Hermit, but it was still too strong for them. At this very dangerous moment, Judgment showed up, hoping to erase Death´s hatred for him for sentencing his brother guilty by fighting with him. Jin finally called out the spirit power and defeat Death. But the moment Death fell out of the tower, he used his own spinning top to save him. Death finally changed his hatred and let it go. After that, they move on to the top of the tower.

Episode 27 Four Trembling Fighting Gods of The Tower
The four spinners finally reached the top of the tower. What is waiting for them are fighting gods on the top of the tower, that is, The Star, The Chariot, The Tower and The Court, and they were better than anyone they met before. This time, they met the attack from the four fighting gods. To change the situation, the four spinners decided to split up. They led the fighting gods to four different spots and agreed to meet at the entrance of the central square after the fight. Jin got to a ice-covered place. There he will fight against the Star. Here comes a battle!

Episode 28 Another Fight with Flash Blade
A battle began between Jin and the Star! In the fight, Jin got to know that the Star was from an alien planet where wars never stop. In order to protect his own planet, the Star had to keep defending. But still, his home was sentenced to death and destroyed by the fighting gods. He was forced to put on an iron mask by Temperance, and changed into what he is now. Only if he could beat Jin can he take off the mask. Jin was shocked but also had great sympathy for the Star. The two had a battle like soldiers. In the end, the Star was beaten. They were just about to make friends out of enemies, when Temperance showed up suddenly and killed the Star. Jin was very painful and sworn to revenge the Star.

Episode 29 The Attack of Fierce Gunfire
Dawn came to a wild and sunny spot to fight against The Chariot. The Chariot launched continual attack to Dawn, and started a war between two offensive spinning tops. at last, Dawn beat the Chariot with a strong spirit power and broke his mask. To his surprise, it was Cecilia´s father—Arthas´ face under the mask! It turned out that he was taken away and changed into the Chariot by Temperane. Arthas handed Pivot Gun over to Dawn, and asked him to take good care of Cecilia. Dawn hurried to the central square, but Arthas fell down on his way back to Free Wheel Town. Meanwhile, the Moon told the Tower that he would get enough credits to get rid of the mask as long as he beat Davis.

Episode 30 A Fight in Illusion
Davis came to an illusive wild, which looked quite like his hometown. When Davis was four, his hometown was attacked by fighting gods. He lost his home and his families. He was under attack himself and got a moon shape scar on his back. He has got spirit power since then. It was also in this disaster that he was adopted by Arthas. But the hatred inside him never faded. During the fight, the Tower tried to persuade Davis to put down his hatred with his actions. At last, he inspired the pure spirit power out of Davis, and lost the fight himself. After that, the Tower was killed by the Moon, but before he died, he kept asking Davis to let go of the hatred. Davis signed with sadness.

Episode 31 Raging Flame of Revenge
Cecilia came to the rose garden on the top of the tower. There she met the Count. The Count is from an Alien planet, which was destroyed later by the fighting gods. And he was changed into what he is now by Temperance, and forced to put on the mask. Therefore, he hates the fighting gods, but he has no choice but to follow their orders. To get rid of the mask, he has to defeat Cecilia. But Cecilia firmly believes that people can understand each other even if they are of different races as long as they are honest. She hopes the Count could let her make the acquaintance of the World, but the Count turned her down. So they began the fight. The Count is so strong that Cecilia got beaten and unconscious.

Episode 32 A Raging Fight
After beating Cecilia, the Count went to confront the Sun, asking him to carry out his words of taking off the mask. Soon after regaining his freedom, the Count started his revenge fight against the Sun. But the Sun would rather he didn´t, because he could lose his life for it. At that time, Jin, Dawn and Davis arrived, trying to save unconscious Cecilia. The Count took the Sun´s words, letting him take Cecilia away, and stayed to fight the three spinners. The three spinners worked together and beat the Count, and put the fight with the four fighting gods of the tower, but Cecilia had been taken away by the Sun.

Episode 33 A Dark Assassin
The Sun was very happy for having Cecilia back, but he stilled wanted to take back the Dashing Fist from Jin. His daughter, the Wheel of Fortune asked for the chance to fight for him, but gut turned down. This time, the Sun sent the Devil. Jin, Dawn and Davis came to the space of the Devil, the Shrine. The Devil was stronger than the four fighting gods of the tower. He used to destroy a planet with the spirit power. Three of the spinners fight together, but failed every time. Dawn and Davis had been beaten unconscious by the strong spirit power, leaving Jin to fight on his own. The Devil tried to persuade Jin out of the fight, but Jin insisted to prove himself by fighting. So here comes another war!

Episode 34 The Devil with An Angle Face
The Devil and Jin had a fierce fight. The Devil used to kill Dust Monster because of his own prejudice; he blamed himself so much that he lost his mind and destroyed the alien planet. He was so regretful that he sealed himself in the darkness with a mask. It reminds Jin that he used to do some damage for he lost control of the spirit power. And he began to have doubts about his own belief, and was going to be beaten by the Devil. At that very moment, the Just appeared in his head, and encouraged him to hold on to his belief. Suddenly, Jin had the most powerful spirit power. In the end, he beat the Devil with Whisker S, and fell because he was exhausted.

Episode 35 The Protective Sword And Shield for The World
Dawn and Davis found unconscious Jin, and when they wondered what to do, the Hermit showed up. He encouraged Dawn and Davis to move on, and tried to save Jin himself. Dawn and Davis´ next destination is the Lunar Corridor. After they arrived, they split up because they didn´t trust each other. As a result, they got separated by the pillars. They both succeeded in passing the electric Battle Board on the separation walls, and ended in different spaces. Dawn met the Sun in the volcano space, while Davis met the Moon in the moon space. Both of them had to beat their rivals so as to enter next stage. Here comes a new war.

Episode 36 Davis´ Determination
The Sun beat Dawn down at last. The Sun comes to the Moon´s space, only to be shocked by the fact that it was the Moon that destroyed Davis´ hometown. Davis wanted to revenge. But the Sun was clear that Davis was far from strong enough to fight with the Moon, so he offered to do that for Davis. The Sun and The Moon used to be very good friends. They had made a promise to protect the World, and always fight together; if one were to die, the other wouldn´t exist any more. But the Sun wanted to beat the Moon so bad that he made use of their appointment. He sacrificed his own life and injected his spirit power into Davis, and passed him his Escutcheon. In the meantime, Dawn came back to life, and Jin regained his power. The three got together and set out again.

Episode 37 The Confused High Priestess And The Fierce Fool
Jin and his partners headed for the House of the Sun, only to find that they had got back to the Free Wheel Town. But very soon they found it an illusion. They came across Cecilia who was actually the Wheel of Fortune in disguise. The False Cecilia used her magic book to read their minds, and won the trust of Dawn and Jin. Only Davis kept doubts for her, and kept making fun of her. Finally, the false Cecilia betrayed herself, and got recognized as the Wheel of Fortune. The three started a fierce war with him in no time. Suddenly, another spinner joined them, who turned out to be Floy who had left secretly. But he was no longer what he had been, he was the Fool now.

Episode 38 The Baptism of The Spinning Tops
The Fool had an amazing weapon—Slime. Everything touched by Slime will disappear in no time. Facing such a strong rival, the Wheel of Fortune teamed up with Jin and his partners so as to deal with Slime´s attack. But except Slime, the Fool had another weapon, his spinning top, which can absorb rival´s power. All of a sudden, the Wheel of Fortune changed his mind and turned against Jin and his partners. But later he just passed out because of a lack of energy. When Jin and his partners were still struggling to resist the Fool´s attack, the World suddenly showed up and beat the Fool for them, and get away with the body of the Wheel of Fortune. Three spinners was shocked by the World, but they decided to keep moving on because they were determined to save Cecilia.

Episode 39 The Best Equipped Fort
Jin and his partners arrived at the house of the Empire only to find that the Empire waiting for them was Chester who had been brain washed. Chester started his attack without saying a word. Jin tried his best, but still, it was useless. Chester´s Mars Ring took all of his spinning power. It suddenly occurred to Jin that he could make use of Chester´s vanity to rid him of the Mars Ring, and changed Whisker into Whisker S at the same time. Chester was defeated in the end, and finally regained his memory too. He told everybody how he got taken away in the Free Wheel Town, brainwashed and turned into the Empire. Since he had regained his memory, Chester joined Jin´s team, and moved on to next stage.

Episode 40 A Commitment to A Friend
When Jin, Dawn, Davis and Chester reached the Empress´ house, Fay, who had been brainwashed and turned into the Empress, was waiting for them. Fay had hateful feelings for the four because none of them tried to save her when was taken away by Temperance. So she spared no effort to attack them. After several fights, the four spinners found that Fay´s body got hurt every time the spinning tops hit on the walls of the house, so they started to slow down. But Fay, regardless of her own body, kept attacking them, and tried surrounded them with fire rose except Chester. However, Chester, who had been quite timid, stood out and saved everybody with everybody, including the Empress. Fay was deeply touched after she recovered consciousness. Strongly suggested, Fay decided to take Chester back to Free Wheel Town for treatments, and the other three go on with their task.

Episode 41 Unbeatable Power
Jin, Dawn and Davis were to fight the Strength next. And the Strength was Ham who had been brainwashed as well. The space of Strength was inside a volcano, so if anyone other than Ham started the fighting gods´ spirit power, the sand slide would speed up and cause the space to collapse, and the lava underground to rise. Davis had to quit the fight because of that. Of the other three, only Dawn could use the spinning tops, and he had great beliefs in his Golden Flames. In the end, he beat Ham with a spinning top assembled with Pivot Gun. But the Strength had gone out of Ham´s control. Jin had to defeat it himself. Finally, Ham recovered consciousness and went back to Free Wheel Town for treatments alone, while the others moved on.

Episode 42 The Sadness of Saying Goodbye
Jin, Dawn and Davis came to the house of the Fool, which was filled with loneliness. There was Floy, who had been brainwashed and turned into the Fool, waiting for them. The Fool started attacks to Jin the moment he showed up. The spirit of the Fool can absorb rivals´ attack power, and fight back in a similar way. Jin soon fell into trouble, but he found that the Fool couldn´t imitate his attacks and enhance the Slime at the same time. So he changed his mood from endurance into offense. The Fool who was also using a endurance spinning top but wanted to end the fight quickly kept starting attacks, but ended in failure for losing control of the spinning tops. After being beaten, Floy finally understood the real meaning of fighting, let go of his hatred, and reconciled with everybody.

Episode 43 The Fateful Gathering
Jin and his two partners moved on to the space of Temperance. It was out of Temperance´s expectation that the four unconscious fighting gods he made by himself were all beaten. In order to stop them from going any further, he decided to do it himself. Even though he was using a most heavy offensive spinning top, he was still beaten by Jin with his Whisker S. At that time, the Wheel of Fortune suddenly broke in, and declared to beat Jin and protect the World. But he was very shocked to find that there were many copies of him in a room. On the other hand, Cecilia got to know that she and the Wheel of Fortune were the World´s tools to destroy the earth, and thus made a decision in her heart.

Episode 44 The Misfortune of The Wheel of Fortune
In order to achieve his own goal, The World made a Wheel of Fortune in the same he made Cecilia the Empress. Knowing this truth, the Wheel of Fortune was greatly shocked and lost control of herself. She called out striking dark power and tried to destroy the other copies. Jin, Dawn and Davis tried their best to fight her attacks, and their fight was so fierce that it created a tornado. Vortex Katar flied out of the tornado. But Temperance used it to hit on the useless Wheel of Fortune. But it made Wheel of Fortune greatly touched and regretful that one of the copies saved her with its own body. But she passed out just after she recovered consciousness. And Temperance ran away during the chaos. Jin and his partners had no idea what to do about such a mess.

Episode 45 The Change of Fortune
Although the Wheel of Fortune had fight against Jin and his partners for several times, but Jin insisted that they should not leave her alone. In the end, they waked her up with the help of Vortex Katar. Wheel of Fortune had no where to go and she was confused whether she should join Jin or not, but Jin left it all up to her. At that time, the Empress Cecilia showed up. Jin had a fierce fight with her and beat her in the end and opened the door to next stage. The Empress Cecilia took the Wheel of Fortune away. Having no idea of what Cecilia was thinking, Jin and his partners decided to move ahead and find it out.

Episode 46 The Gathering of Ten Spinning Tops
Jin, Dawn and Davis came to the house of the World only to find nobody in. The Hermit and the Magician told Jin that the World had reached the bottom of the tower, risking his life to open the door to the bottom. But before they enter the bottom of the tower, they had to cross a bridge. When crossing the bridge, they couldn´t look back or they would lose their life for losing the balance of their body. And the Pope will be waiting for them on the bridge. Dawn asked Jin and Davis to move on, and he left to fight with the Pope. The Pope used ten spinning tops from outside the tower to attack Dawn at the same time. Faced with such a heavy attack, Dawn tried hard and beat five of them, which amazed the Pope a lot.

Episode 47 An Ever-lasting Flame
Under hard attacks, Dawn tried his best and beat the other five spinning tops. When the Pope wondered if he had died, he, with his last breath and belief, turned his Golden Flames into Golden Flames S and tried another attack to the Pope. This made the Pope realized that Dawn was the one he had been searching for. So he had the fiercest fight with Dawn. Beaten in the fight, the Pope finally achieved his wish of turning himself into a spirit so as to protect his master the Lovers forever. Since Dawn was exhausted and badly wounded after the fight, he lost consciousness at last.

Episode 48 A New Journey of The Lonely Guardian
Dawn had stopped the Pope, but Jin and Davis got hindered by another fighting god, that is, the Lovers. The Lovers was the ultimate guardian of theHurricane Tower. Although he lost his body in a fight long before, but his spirit power has managed to support the tower since then. So, if he was beaten, the tower would fall apart and ruin Free Wheel Town at its foot. After a few fierce fights, Davis used his updated Aspis S to beat the Lovers, and help theHurricane Tower create the power to support itself. Therefore, the Lovers finally gained his freedom, and left the tower with the Pope. Davis asked Jin to go on to save Cecilia, but he had run out of energy and fell down.

Episode 49 The Faithful Fight
The World and Temperance took Cecilia and the Wheel of Fortune straight to the bottom of the tower. In order to prove to the World that he was much better than the Empress Cecilia, The Wheel of Fortune started hard attacks to Cecilia. The fiercer their fight got, the more the huge launching machine which aimed at the earth would speed up. The World and Temperance were so eager to see the arrival of the huge launching machine. At the moment, Jin broke in and tried to stop the fight, but the World stopped him. The Empress Cecilia and the Wheel of Fortune were just neck to neck, and they fought so hard that both of them passed out during the fight. Jin was so angry to see them pass out that he called out a strong spirit power and challenged the World.

Episode 50 Fighting Against The World
Jin was challenging the World. The World used the spirit power to create four different spinning plates including soil, water, fire and wind, and kept changing their fighting modes. Jin couldn´t do anything about it although he had called out his Whisker S. He tried to explain to the World that human beings would not become any threat to the universe, but the World wouldn´t listen. At that time, the huge launching machine had arrived over the tower. Now as long as the Wheel of Fortune was put on the launching machine, and Cecilia was put on the top of the tower, the two opposite powers would help the launching machine startHurricane Tower as a spinning top and ruin the earth. So, the World asked Temperance to take the Wheel of Fortune to the launching machine, and he would take Cecilia to the top of the tower after he beat Jin. And then they can get ready for the launch.

Episode 51 Hurricane Tower Is Spinning!
During the fight, the World told Jin the reason why he tried so hard to ruin the earth. It turned out that he helped apes evolved into human beings about 100 million years ago. The great evolvement of human beings and the damage they do to the earth got far beyond his expectation. In order to stop human beings from destroying the earth and then the universe, he decided to ruin the earth. Jin told him that human beings are not fighting to beat each other, but to know more about each other and build up friendships by the fight. In the end, the World realized his own mistakes, and reconciled with Jin. The Wheel of Fortune who had been put on the launching machine and the empress Cecilia on the top of the tower couldn´t call out their power for they had exchanged their identities in the fight. So the huge launching machine couldn´t start its mission now.

Episode 52 The Legend Is Like Wind!
While the World gave up his plan of ruining the earth, Temperance was unwilling to take it. So he used his power to start the huge launching machine. In order to save the earth, fighting gods as well as spinners started their spinning tops and finally stopped the launching machine from landing. The Judgment, the Just, and the Death teamed up and defeat Temperance. Finally, the earth regained peace. Some fighting gods took theHurricane tower to go back to the space, while some stayed on the earth. Cecilia, Dawn and Davis began their own new life. And Jin was back on his journey with his spinning top to make more friends, and spread the joy of spinning top playing.